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Seeds of Change – Dance Film – 8K Panavision Millennium DXL Camera


img_8360 img_8361
img_4485 img_4446 img_4168 img_4141SEEDS of CHANGE on vimeo CLICK HERE                          When I was approached by Panavision and Light Iron to test a prototype of their new 8K Millennium DXL camera I leaped at the opportunity to create something that was beyond a dry studio exercise. For cinematographers, David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” photographed by Freddie Young, BSC is a touchstone for its remarkable 65mm images. That story was made in and about an era that focused almost solely on men. In making a film today with a digital equivalent of that 65mm camera, I felt it should portray the strength, beauty and power of women. The music Seeds of Change by Naser Musa and Steve Wood inspired Melanie and our dancers when we filmed on the mountainside of Trust Ranch in Topanga. What we created is sacred, sensual and ecstatic all at once.

Words cannot express my deep thanks to everyone who contributed to the splendor of this project.

Director-Cinematographer – James Chressanthis, ASC, GSC
Choreographer – Melanie Kareem

Dancers – Laura Cutler, Vanessa Frazier, Melanie Kareem, Diana Mathur, Rachel Moore, Dawn Marie Yurkovic

Music composed by Naser Musa and Steve Wood                   Solo Oud – Naser Musa, Keyboards & Guitar – Steve Wood, Qanoon – James Grippo, Violin – George Hamad, Percussion – Petro Al Ammar, Faisal Zedaan, Mastering – Joe Gaswirt

Produced by James Chressanthis and Melanie Kareem

Chief Lighting Technician – Ricky Lewis
1st Assistant Camera – Greg Williams, Darin Miller                 2nd Assistant Camera – Laura Odermatt
Makeup & Hair – Penelope Irwin                                             Still Photography – Robin Becker, Michael Cioni
Production Manager – Jesse Liliedahl                                     Production Assistant – Gaea Adrian
8k Post Production by Light Iron-Hollywood                         Colorist – Jeremy Sawyer
Panavision Millennium DXL Camera & Primo 70mm Lenses
Special Thanks: Sue & Martin Schmitt, Trust Ranch,                 Dan Sasaki, Bob Harvey, Michael Cioni, Amit Dave

Filmed in Heaven – Topanga, California
© 2016 James Chressanthis and Melanie Kareem