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Vilmos Zsigmond nominated for a 2012 Maverick Movie Award

Congratulations to Vilmos Zsigmond on being nominated for the 2012 Maverick Movie Award for Best Cinematography. The honored film, “Summer Children,” actually dates back to 1965, but was recently restored and remastered for DVD release. Zsigmond was instrumental in this process and contributed a special feature interview for the DVD, titled “Silhouettes in Shadow and Light.” Directed by James Bruner, “Summer Children” was made in the vein of the European Neo-Realism and New Wave, a style with which Zsigmond and László Kovács would later be credited for helping flourish in an American style. The film is remarkably beautiful and easily ranks among the masterpieces by Roberto Rossellini, Eric Rohmer, Chris Marker, and Alain Resnais in cinematographic terms.